The choice of the activities pursues a common objective: getting to know, understand and integrate people from different countries. We feel that the best way to promote the values of non-discrimination and integration is to give our community the opportunity to gain knowledge on immigration as well as real experience. These will lead to avoid prejudicial treatment and encourage a sympathetic awareness and inclusion of different people as part of our societies.

Our main objective is to bring the reality of migration closer to schools and students, improve their attitude, understand its causes, difficulties and promote the integration in the host societies. We have tried to make our students take action, to get involved in volunteering programmes for immigrants in our neighbourhoods, work placements with social organisations, workshops, etc.

We hope for a greater lasting impact on our communities. Apart from obvious linguistic benefits and raising social awareness, one of the main objectives is the creation of material and a didactical tool kit on the general topic of migration in Europe.

Another essential objective is to make our students take action, to get involved in volunteering programmes for immigrants in our neighbourhoods, work placement with social organisations, workshops with immigrants, etc. To ensure this objective, we will try to make the best of the already existing initiatives (school web, school volunteering programmes, open days, local fairs, etc.). There will be constant communication among the partners, brainstorming, feedback and evaluation. We have planned regular online and face to face meetings before, during and after the mobilities.

All the information will be shared at school level, furthermore, material and results will be published in our school websites, eTwinning platform, and social media. We will share our experience with the local community through newspaper articles, local TV and fairs.

This project will create new networks among our schools and widen our horizons. In short, taking part in this project will be a life experience, not only a learning one for the whole community involved in the project.

The objectives and results we would like to achieve related to our priorities are as follow:

Priority 1: Social cohesion

Objective 1.1: To promote migrant rights and strengthen social cohesion, focusing on the reasons that pushed people who have migrated to our countries.

Objective 1.2: To create guidelines for schools concerning integration of new students / foreign students, showing our students examples of positive and successful models of integration.

Result 1.1. Students showing tolerance towards different cultures and solidarity with the needs of others, are aware of their European identity and able to integrate immigrants into our society as they participate in the activities of their community. Students who understand the values of Europe, mainly equality.

Result 1.2. To have a volunteering program involving each school and the immigrants of the district.

Priority 2: Social and educational value of European heritage, its contribution to job creation and economic growth.

Objective 2.1. To be aware of the construction of our cultural heritage thanks to different migrations in history.

Objective 2.2. Identify the economic and social benefits of the migration phenomenon.

Result 2.1. To create a didactical tool kit on the general topic of migration in Europe analysing themes such as history, present day society and literature.

Result 2.2. A critical view to the media and the different news about migration.

Priority 3: Supporting individuals in acquiring and developing skills and key competences.

Objective 3.1. Our students will also be favoured with this project in an increase of their language skills (mainly in foreign language) and ITC skills

Objective 3.2. Our students will work in a cooperative and interdisciplinary way and will gain competence in different subjects such as History, Economics, Literature.

Result 3.1. These will make them more prepared for any project or future work.

Result 3.2. Finally, the project will make our students get richer in their real knowledge of Europe thanks to the relationships established in the meetings.