Transits and entry doors

In the last months, debates about the rights of immigrants have spread across Italy due to the current State policy. Here we have worked those routes, ports of entry, ways migration uses to reach the different European countries.

The aim of the Italian topic is to investigate the journey migrants make from their home countries to Europe. We have studied the principal migration routes, using apps such as EXODI, an interactive web map built using the testimonies of 2,600 migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa collected over four years of activity (2014-2017) by the operators and volunteers of Doctors for Human Rights. Then we have compared the different types of journey towards European main entrances migrants might face and have faced in the last years. We have studied costs, duration, dangers and threats of the journeys and we have tried to wear migrants’ clothes and understand their feelings. We have had some lectures about “the journey of hope”, watched a film about the current situation in Lampedusa and have had workshops on the topic.

We have also co-worked with some NGOs that have given us the opportunity to understand our topic more in depth by showing us some of their daily activities to rescue migrants’ boats and have paid a visit to the Italian Caritas, whose purpose is to promote the testimony of charity in the Italian community, in forms that are appropriate to the times and needs, for integral human development, social justice and peace, with whom our school has had a long lasting cooperation.

At the end we have organised a sports event in our school that involves some of the people who have given their testimony during our stay in Italy, as well as boys and girls from different countries.

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