Chances and challenges of Integration

The main topic of the meeting in Germany has been the process of integration of migrants. On one hand we have focused on the positive aspects that migrants contribute to our society and how migration enriches us. On the other hand, we have had a look into challenges to the migrants, to society and to ourselves and how those challenges can be addressed and overcome in a positive way.

Throughout the week we have had the chance to learn about Germany’s history in relation to the migrants that have been arriving to the country and to Fulda specifically (center of Germany) over time. To do that, we have read articles, we have participated in a street rally and visited a synagogue where we have been explained the questions related to the Jewish community. We have also visited a migrant center of assistance, in a neighborhood where the military used to live during the time of the two Germanies, the same neighborhood is nowadays a very international area. Lastly, something remarkable was the meeting with a group of Ukrainian women. One of them has been living in Fulda for many years, and the rest just arrived due to the current war. They taught us a brief example of the musical folklore and we had an emotive dialogue.

In addition to the main topic, we have gained insight into the German school system and the daily life at a German school, we have participated in some lessons with their hosts, and we have known the city.

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